Our Objectives

We are committed to helping the marginalized and excluded urban poor regain hope and get their lives back together.

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Mzee Mwangi

I last owned a piece of land in Runda in 1952, it was during the same year that the Colonialists declared a state of Emergency and within a blink of an eye, I had lost my piece of land and my home. Ever since, I have remained a squatter in my own country.
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Kenya will go down the annals of history as one of the countries in with no proper policy framework that would guide in the provision of low cost housing for its citizens. It is heart wrenching to accept the fact that my grandfather has been a squatter all his life having brought my dad, uncles and aunties in the slums.
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Kenya Jubilee Campaign

 “Like slavery and apartheid, poverty is not natural,

It is man-made, and can be overcome by the actions of human beings”

Nelson Mandela, 2005



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Upcoming Events

13th March, the Anglican Archbishop with 90 clergy members will be visiting the site of the last demolitions in Mukuru.

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